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I first saw the Megadoor in 1984, and was impressed with the simple design and unique belt operating system, and have been working with their door systems ever since.  With so many improvements over the years, the Megadoor has developed in to a leader in the large door market.

From 1992 until 2007 I personally trained thousands of door installers and maintenance personal all over North and South America for Megadoor.  If you ever know anyone that has a question or a problem with a Megadoor system, please have them call me at 615-826-5559 or email me at jr@shrokman.com.  I will make sure their questions are answered.

Made in Peachtree City, Georgia

The Megadoor USA manufacturing facility is located just south of Atlanta Georgia in a beautiful planned community called Peachtree City.

When you tour their facility, you can actually see a crane bay door in operation, as well as a 3 door hangar system at the local airport.

Simple and Rugged Operating System

Note in the literature below the unique nylon belt and drive motor system.  You can't get any simpler than a gear motor with a drum that wraps up a belt that lifts a door.

Even the limits are simple.  There is NO adjustment required. 

  • The Close limits operate on belt tension - when the door closes and the belt slacks the limit trips and turns off the door.

  • The Open limits operate on a plunger operated by the top horizontal beam - when the door reaches the full open position the door leaf raises the plunger and turns off the door.

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There are No Realistic Size Limitations with 3 Different Systems to Choose From

Megadoor offers 3 basic systems.  Note that there are variables in each system.

System 800 - for door sizes up to 24' W x 24' H - with a 20 PSF (88 mph) wind load

System 1000 - for door sizes up to 47' W x 60' H - Up to 30 PSF (120 mph) wind load

System 1500 - Unlimited Width in Multiple doors and limited to 300' in height. Wind load ratings start at 20 PSF (88 mph) to 80 PSF (352 mph)

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The New Translucent Fabric is Saving Energy by Cutting Down on Lighting Costs

The new translucent fabric allows light through the complete door system.  I have been in mine shops with 35' wide x 30' high doors that let through so much light you could not tell the difference when the door was open or closed! 

Here are some Click on links for Megadoor Technical Data in PDF Format

 Megadoor System 800 Basic Design Manual

 Megadoor System 1000 Basic Design Manual


George Shrokman Jr. Service and Technical Data Sheets

General Service Information

Shrokman Single Motor Installation Checklist

Limit Box Plunger Replacement Procedure


Dual Motor Systems

Dual Motor Control Panel Information

Dual Motor Graphic Sequence of Operations

Dual Motor Slope Problem Graphic

Dual Motor Open Limit Test Graphic

Dual Motor Close Limit Test Graphic

Dual Motor Parts List - Mechanical


Motors and Brakes

Shrokman Eurodrive  Brake Cleaning Data

SEW Brake Wiring from Catalogue

Nord Brake Wiring from Catalogue



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