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Building Owners, Project Engineers and Architects are expected to know everything.  Unfortunately they have not spent their whole career studying Industrial Doors and making sure they get what they wanted.

Our experience reduces job problems.

  • Over 30 years of door application experience helps apply the right door to the right opening.
  • Thorough knowledge of specifications for the Door Industry clarify exactly what is wanted.
  • Knowledge of the industry loop holes that can be closed in the approval process.
  • We know how to verify that the door is installed properly.

What we can do for you.

Specification Review
Door systems are complicated, and MOST specifications have conflicting information OR the specifications used are the standard specifications that don't really say what is wanted.
Approval Review
We have a thorough understanding of the products and how they apply to the specifications. We know the loop holes of the industry insiders and how to bypass the specifications with deceiving approval drawing notes.
Field Verification of Products
Once the job is installed, our services can be utilized to make sure that the owner / architect received what they expected. And more importantly, we can review and verify the proper installation of the product
Field Verification of Proper Installation
.We review the actual installation instructions and verify proper installation in the field.  Detailed reports are used so a door industry explanation is given for the proper repairs.

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