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Automotive Specification Control Panel  Automotive control panels are simple.  There is a tremendous amount of detail required in the design of the systems to meet the fusing protection requirements 

Basic Specifications

  • NEMA 12 Enclosure with Flanged Lockable Disconnect with Door Interlock
  • Main Power Fusing or Circuit Breaker
  • Secondary Power Transformer is a minimum of 250 VA and varies by equipment.
  • Fused / Circuit Breaker Transformer Primary and Secondary Circuit
  • 23 Amp Contactors - IEC (Replaces NEMA Size 1 per SAE-HS-1738)
  • Overloads for each Motor
  • PLC Inputs and Outputs all wire to terminal blocks (when applicable)
  • Outputs Isolated by Interposing Relays
  • Relays (when used) rated at 600 V
  • 30mm Pushbuttons and Selector Switches
  • Expansion Room Provided (10% Std, more per specifications)

Types of Doors

We design Automotive Specification Control Systems for any type of door.  




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Last modified: 08/10/13