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IMPORTANT NOTE: ALL OF THE BELOW TECHNICAL DOCUMENTS ONLY PERTAIN TO SHROKMAN DESIGNED CONTROL SYSTEMS.  Refer to other control panel manufacturers for information on how they make the doors operate.

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Diagnostic Control Codes

DaimlerChrysler Relay Logic Control Panel Specifications

System 800 Corrosion Resistant Information

Megadoor Limit Plunger Replacement Procedure by George Shrokman

Megadoor SEW Condensed Brake Diagnostic Sheet by George Shrokman

Megadoor System 800 & 1000 Installation Inspection Sheet by George Shrokman

Megadoor Dual Motor Graphic Sequence of Operations

Megadoor Dual Motor Graphic Limit Switch Explanation

Megadoor Dual Motor Close Limit Test Enclish Only

Megadoor Dual Motor Open Limit Test English Only

Megadoor Dual Motor Slope Problems English Only

Megadoor Dual Motor Mechanical Parts List

Megadoor Shrokman Designed Dual Motor Control System Explanation

Motor Coupling Information

NORD Motor Brake Connections from Catalogue

SEW Brakes - EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know!

SEW Brake Wiring from Catalogue

SEW Motor Wiring from SEW Catalogue

Shrokman Eurodrive Brake Cleaning and Adjustment

Troubleshooting Overload Trip when Opening - Megadoor by George Shrokman

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