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Click-2-Enter Radio Receiver

Click2Enter does away with all of the cumbersome keys, access control codes, and remote control actuators, because every emergency response vehicle and responder carries the key-their mobile or portable radio transceiver. Just a simple 'click' of the radio transmitter button is all that's required to open gates, parking arms, doors, and commercial roll-up doors.

Click2Enter was developed to provide public safety personnel or any authorized user immediate access to gated residences; communities; or any security control mechanism. Other authorized users can even use the Click2Enter, as long as they are programmed into its frequency bank and have a radio transceiver. Click2Enter, compared to other emergency access control systems, will set the industry standard for many years to come.

Visit the Click-2-Enter Website

USR GRAB - Stop vehicles safely without damage.

These products are really interesting, as well as functional.  USR GRAB specializes in vehicular perimeter security devices.  Perimeter security is their business.  In addition to their superior GRAB device, they have developed a complete line of security products based upon customer needs.

 Visit the USR GRAB Website


Our 911 Systems take doors beyond "Crash Box" and "All Doors Open" emergency operation.

UPS and Generator Power Supplies to open Fire and Police Station Doors when Power is out.

  • UPS Backup means power is always available to open the doors.
  • Diagnostics provide "Door in Operation" information.
  • "Vehicle in Bay" notification.
  • Automatic Closing after vehicles have left each bay.
  • "Intrusion Detection" notifies security system of someone walking into the building from the time the vehicle pulled out of the door and the door being fully closed.
  • Entry back into the station via "Click-2-Enter" system.

UPS and Generator Back up for Hangar Doors

Available for Megadoor brand doors only because of their unique design which allows complete monitoring of the condition of the doors.

  • UPS Backup means power is always available to open the doors.
  • Diagnostics provide "Door in Operation" information.

The Diagnostics notify the user of a potential problem with the door system.  It is up to the Door Maintenance Crew to immediately address the problem once it is detected.

System Basic Description

  • Control Panel with Diagnostic Display
  • Three Phase UPS System for Backup.
  • Networked System Standard

911 Systems are custom designed per application.  Please call us to discuss your application.

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