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Std Panel - Door Closed   Std Panel - Door Open

Shown Above Integrated Dock System - Door, Dock Leveler, Truck Restraint, Dock Light.

Integrated Control Panel Component Information Design Worksheet

Basic Riser Diagram - Door, Dock Leveler, Restraint, Light, Air Shelter, Gas Fired Heater

George Shrokman Jr. has been interlocking dock doors with dock levelers since 1971.  Everyone keeps on trying to catch up, and we stay five steps ahead.

We design a variety of Door / Dock / Truck Restraint Combination Control Systems to fit the end users needs.  Systems can be as simple as having a single button on the face of the control panel to operate the complete locking sequence, to having all the buttons on all the devices installed on the face of the control panel.  You can have one control panel for each dock, or a master control panel that operates ALL docks. Diagnostic information can be fed back into your Building Management System, or unloading statistics can be sent to your Dock Management System.

Key Benefits

  • Only 1 control panel on the wall instead of 2, 3,4 or sometimes even 5.
  • Safe and seamless interlocked operation of all equipment.
  • Easier to maintain the whole system when it is in one panel.
  • One wiring diagram for all the equipment

Safety and Operation Benefits

  • The truck must be "Restrained" or "Locked" before the dock leveler operates.
  • The door must be "Fully Open" before the dock leveler operates.
  • If for some reason (such as the restraint being in the "Bypass" mode) the dock leveler motor starts, it sends the door to the "fully open" position.
  • The dock leveler must be "Stored" before the truck is released.
  • Special sequences are available when the restraint is in the "Bypass" mode.
  • System can be designed so if one device is not operating, the dock can remain in operation.
  • Momentary contact or key operation for bypass mode resets itself automatically after the unloading process is completed.

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Standard Combinations

  • Door and Dock Leveler
  • Door / Dock Leveler / Restraint
  • Door / Dock Leveler / Restraint / Truck Leveler

Standard Additional Equipment

We combine the controls for other dock accessories into the panels also.  Whatever device you have, we can control it from our panel.

  • Door Heaters
    • Winter/Summer selector switch.
    • Building Automation System Control Interface
    • Output to turn it on.
    • Our panel can house the motor starters and other equipment such as air solenoids and burner solenoids.
  • Air Operated Inflatable Dock Shelter
    • Motor starters mount inside the master control panel
    • Automatically inflate the dock shelter when the truck is restrained.
    • Interlock with dock leveler and restraint so the shelter will be deflated automatically when the truck is leaving the dock.
  • External Temperature Thermostat
    • Calculates the outside temperature
      • Automatically turns on the door heater when a certain outside temperature is reached.
      • Automatically operates the inflatable shelter when a certain outside temperature is reached.
  • Opening "Wind Speed" Sensor
    • Monitors the speed of the wind coming through the door opening when unloading the vehicle.
      • Turns on the inflatable dock shelter if too much air is entering or leaving the building.
  • Dock Light Receptacle
    • Dock light can be plugged into an outlet provided in the control panel.
    • On / Off switch can be located on the face of the door control panel.
    • Light can automatically be turned on when the truck is restrained.
  • Safety Barrier Controls
    • Interlocks safety barrier into dock sequence of operations
  • Door Collision Avoidance System
    • Sensors detect when vehicles or materials are stored too close to a door.
      • 110dB horn alerts the driver that a component is about to be damaged.
  • Truck Alignment Indicators
    • Indicates both inside and outside when the truck is centered on the dock leveler.
  • Remote "Truck at Dock Position" and "Load Complete" indicators
    • Sensors indicate truck is at loading dock.
    • Output signal goes to a main control panel in the dock office.
    • When the truck unloading has been completed and the system stored, a signal goes back to the loading dock office that unloading is complete.
    • The system resets itself when the truck has left.
    • Enunciator system can be installed remotely "such as in a cafeteria or driver waiting area) to automatically make an announcement that the
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