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Industrial Doors

George A. Shrokman, Jr. - The Industrial Door Geek

GS Control Systems LLC - Door Controls Engineering and Application


We specialize in applying the right door to the right opening, and even more importantly, the proper control system.

We take over where the door manufacturers leave off.  Door manufacturers do not go the extra mile to customize their doors to fit your application.  We purchase the doors, modify them so they adapt to the application and give you years of use.

Some of the Manufacturers we represent:

Megadoor - Vertical Lifting Fabric Door                                                                                                                              

M & I  Rubber Roll-Up Doors

Advanced Systems / Fimbel High Speed Sectional Door

Teledoor - High Speed and Standard Speed Steel Doors





Megadoor makes big doors!  These highly engineered yet simple door systems are manufactured in Peachtree City Georgia just outside of Atlanta.  Megadoor's patented designs features two panels of vinyl-coated polyester fabric supported by horizontal extruded aluminum beams.  The door is constructed with solid, heavy duty and corrosion resistant components.


M & I Rubber Doors

M & I Rubber Doors are the oldest and most trusted name in the industry. We have a tremendous amount of personal experience with rubber doors, having provided some of the original installation supervision in the steel mills in the 80's.

George Shrokman Jr. also sold one of the World's Largest M & I Rubber Doors at Rouge Steel in Dearborn Michigan. ( That's Me Below )


Advanced Systems / Fimbel High Speed Door

The fastest sectional door manufactured today. 


  • Systems available with and without counterbalance systems.
  • VFD motor control


Teledoor - Industrial Steel Doors

Teledoor (formerly known as Inryco and Milcor) has been purchased by a group who is dedicated to the door industry. The new owners have eliminated the poor service attitude of the old ownership, and have turned the company around into a reliable and innovative door manufacturer.  Their new High Speed door utilizes the newest drive technology available for Industrial Doors.


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