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George A. Shrokman, Jr. - The Industrial Door Geek

GS Control Systems LLC - Door Controls Engineering and Application


We specialize in the installation supervision of Megadoor System 800 and 1000 doors.  Our advanced installation techniques can cut days off of a large installation.

Some of the reasons to use George Shrokman on your next Megadoor project.

  • Mr. Shrokman  is a certified Megadoor Instructor.
  • Over 20 years of Megadoor Installation experience.
  • Thorough knowledge of the product being installed.
  • Knows how to get the most out of your installation crew.
  • Great communications with job superintendents.

Shown below is an example of how time and money can be saved on a project.

The facility had a problem with shutting the openings down while the new doors were installed.  Mr. Shrokman had the Iron Workers assemble the doors away from the opening, and then moved the assembled doors to the opening and installed them.  This saved the customer from losing their bay for two days while the door went through normal assembly.

Key Benefits

  • Doors install quicker
  • Verify doors are going in per manufacturers specifications..
  • Peace of mind that doors have been installed properly.


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