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Internet and Network Based Control Systems

Now you can have all of the doors in your facility networked together and controlled from one central station.

Features of Networked Systems

  • All doors have the same basic control panel.
  • Diagnostic information for each door is collected.
  • Maintenance is informed of problems before they happen.
  • Information from the doors can be tied into the Building Automation System.
  • Security can control all the doors from a central location.
  • Material Handling Department can monitor dock systems.
  • Monitored system gives the owner information on how each door is operating.
  • Decisions for new doors can be made by using actual performance data.

Features of Internet Based Systems

  • Doors can be monitored from a remote location anywhere in the world.
  • Advanced diagnostics can be done by trained professionals looking at the door data.
  • System can notify owner or maintenance department of problems via email or fax.
  • Service manuals can be emailed detailing the problem to be checked.
  • Individual door sequences can be changed from our monitoring site.
  • Data can be used to determine the actual "cost" of a particular door.

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Our systems are designed so that the complete door system can be monitored remotely.  Currently the door industry can just tell you how many times the door has run, and whether is it is open or closed.

Some of the basic information we gather.

  • Monitor the system to detect any "jambs" or "hard spots" of operation.
  • Monitor limit switch operation and notify of changes.
  • Monitor activation and safety devices.
  • Monitor reversing edges.
  • Monitor door position and sensor activation.

Typical Facilities with Networked Doors

  • Airport Fire Stations
  • Mining Truck Shops
  • Automotive Facilities
  • Police Stations
  • Steel Mills

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