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We travel the world solving problems.

Because of our rates, we are used as a last resort for manufacturers and owners.  When they can't solve the problem, they hire our 30 years of experience to go out and find a resolution.

Key Benefits of using George Shrokman

  • A very thorough knowledge of how a door works.
  • A complete understanding of electrical control systems.
  • Has an understanding of the dynamics of motion as it applies to doors and controls.
  • Can communicate between the service technician and the door manufacturer.

 Some things you just can't put a value on.

  • Has a tremendous amount of experience as the "Third Party" in disputes between  Door Manufacturers and End Users.
  • Knows how to identify responsibility when problems have occurred.
  • Written reports not only identify responsibility, but give a thorough explanation of the reasons behind the decision.
  • Sales experience in knowing how to make the customer happy, so the manufacturer can go back in after the problems are resolved and sell doors.

Our Arrangement when a Manufacturer hires us.

  • We expect to be paid in a timely manner.  Our terms are clearly spelled out on our rate sheet..
  • We live and die by the Manufacturers service manuals and technical data. If there are any changes in that data, we expect it to be corrected and given to the owner.
  • If required, we have no problem signing a "Proprietary Information Aggreement".
  • We expect the manufacturer to correct the problem once we have identified it.
  • We expect repairs to be done in a timely manner.

Our Arrangement when an Owner or End User hires us.

  • We expect to be paid in a timely manner.  Our terms are clearly spelled out on our rate sheet..
  • We want to meet and review all the problems with the actual workers who have worked on the problem.
  • We need a copy of all the work orders that have been processed on the door.
  • We need a copy of all the service manuals that have been received on the door.

We take problem resolution seriously.

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George Shrokman, Jr.


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