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Rubber Doors

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Rubber Doors are FUN!

Knock down, drag-em-out, beat the krap out of it, hit it, punch it, throw dirt on it, spray it, do what you want to it! 

The Rubber Curtain can take a beating!  If you want a pretty door, buy a fabric door! (although there is a pretty blue rubber door shown below).

 If you want something that will "take a beatin and keep on tickin" get a rubber door!

Don't get me wrong!  You must be careful where you apply any door!

Rubber doors are made for tough industrial environments were you know the door panel itself is going to be abused.  Don't let the pretty pictures below fool you!  These doors can really take a beating!

M & I Rubber Doors have really changed since I sold them in the late 80's and early 90's

One of the biggest changes is that they are now made in a suburb of Atlanta Georgia.  They are located a little more than 1 hour from the Atlanta airport.  They have a very well run production facility that you can tour, along with a display area where you can see good size doors operate.  Parts are now local!

Any door is only as good as it's installation.  Through their design and manufacturing process, M & I has made great changes to insure that critical  door components are aligned and installed properly in the field! 

The #1 problem I see on all doors is that the head assembly and the guide rails are not field installed to the proper dimensions. The new M & I header / roll assembly drops down on to a factory welded bracket and locating pins on the self supporting guide rail assembly. Every curtain will feed correctly into the guide rail because of the well thought out design.

Our professional crews use either

Self-Leveling Laser Levels or Transits

to mark the openings and set the jambs!

No Plumb Bobs Allowed!

I have high expectations of our installation crews.  My father taught me that a door must be installed level, plumb, and to the proper dimensions.  Great installers make sure all dimensions, tolerances and torques are to the manufacturers specifications.  Average installers don't care.  I only work with great installers!

Another exciting change is the new Patented Continuous Windlok Design.

You would be very impressed to see how they assemble the curtains and apply the continuous Windlok.  They make sure that there is a fastener at every starting point so there is no chance of de-lamination starting at the ends.  This was a big problem with the old doors.

Another great advancement is the continuous wear strip that runs the full length of the Windlok.  This piece replaces the old little plastic pieces, and provides a slick wear surface between the curtain and the guide rail.


The smaller doors (under 30 x 30) all come Springless with a Direct Drive Motor System!

This is really cool!  No chains to adjust! No springs to worry about!  Whenever possible get direct drive on any door!  Not just Rubber Doors!

M & I is able to direct drive their doors without springs because of their unique Drive Shaft and Tube Design!

They have a unique shaft and tube design the eliminates the weak welded shaft and tube connection found on most rolling doors.  You don't know how many broken shafts I have had to repair on high speed doors in the past.  This is one of those things I wish that I had though up 30 years ago!

Below is some more information on the M & I Rubber Doors.

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