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Safety Products

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We design and Advanced Systems manufactures a variety of safety systems.

Vehicle Restraint Systems

Advanced Systems Inc is proud to represent the very simple and effect GMR Safety Power Chock.  This rugged and simple truck safety device is the best that we have seen over the last 30 years!  This is a great replacement ALL of the troublesome restraining device on the market.

Please visit the GMR Website and see the most up to date literature and video's on this product.

GMR SAFETY - Power Chock Truck Restraint

Pedestrian Safety Systems

  • Vehicle Approaching Systems
  • Pedestrian Approaching Systems

Door Collision systems

  • Vehicle "Too High for Opening" Warning Systems
  • Vehicle "Not Aligned with Opening" Systems.
  • "Door Not Fully Open and Vehicle Approaching" Systems

Rail Safety Systems

  • Derail Systems prevent train from entering building.
  • Rotating Beacons notify personnel in train well that train is approaching.
  • Warning bells in train well notify personnel of approaching train.
  • Wheel Sensors provide information about train.
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