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System Grades

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All of our designs can be built three basic ways that make a difference in the facilities they can be used in and the final price.  We build per your specifications, so these grades are just a general guideline.



Economy Systems - Commercial and Light Industrial

Many facilities are not particular about the brand or components used. These systems have name brand components and designs that are very cost effective.

  • Small "Brick" PLC with limits and pushbuttons "ganged" for efficiency.

  • No spare I/O

  • IEC Grade Contactors

  • Terminal Strip Terminal Blocks

  • Wire code by random colors

  • 40 VA transformer for Secondary Circuits

  • Main fusing by others

  • Exact size enclosures with no expansion room


  • Public Transportation

  • Fire Stations

  • Steel Distribution

  • Light Industrial Applications

  • Automotive Distribution ( Non SAE Spec Facilities )


Industrial Grade System - Heavy Industrial

These systems are for heavy industrial facilities with abusive environments and high usage. Specifications dictate equipment.

  • PLC by specification - each device has an I/O Point
  • Minimal spare I/O
  • Disconnect on control panel (Rotary or Flanged)
  • Main Fuses Included (Class J)
  • Enclosure per specification (NEMA 4 or 12 Standard)
  • 50 VA Minimum secondary transformer
  • 120 volt / 24 volt auxiliary accessory power in panel
  • Transformer fuse protected
  • NEMA or IEC grade contactors (per specification)
  • Euro Style Terminal Blocks
  • Class 10 Overloads
  • 22 MM pushbuttons and pilot lights - NEMA 4/12
  • Wire Colors and Numbering per NFPA-79 (JIC)
  • Wire Marker on each end of each wire.
  • Component Identification per NFPA-79
  • 10% Expansion Room
  • Pushbutton and Pilot Light colors per NFPA-79


  • Steel Mills

  • Furnaces

  • Mine Shops

  • Mines

  • Process Facilities

  • Aerospace ( Non SAE Spec Facilities )



SAE Automotive/Aerospace Specification System - Strict Machine Tool Specification

Strict specifications and design standards are followed, while economics are taken into consideration with each system. Systems range from NEMA Size 1 starters, to the highly efficient IEC Self Protected equipment.

  • PLC by specification - each device has an I/O Point
  • Spare I/O quantity per specification 
  • Designed and Manufactured per SAE HR-1738
  • NEMA 12 Enclosure
  • Flanged Fused Lockable Disconnect
  • Main Fuses Included
  • Minimum 100 VA Transformer

  • Primary and Secondary Transformer Protection

  • NEMA Size 1 MINIMUM or IEC 18 Amp MINIMUM (Adjusted per plant and usage)

  • Class 10 Overload Protection

  • 30 MM Pushbuttons and Pilot Lights

  • 20% Expansion Room

  • Component spacing per HS-1738

  • Large Wiring Duct

  • Panel Layout per SAE HS-1738

  • Wire color and sizing per SAE HS-1738

  • Wire marker on each end of each wire

  • Component Identification per NFPA-79



  • Automotive Assembly Plants

  • Aerospace Assembly Plants


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